Alpinol Swiss Organic CBD


Full Spectrum water-soluble CBD 

Alpinols Aqua – dissolves in all liquids
Patented CBD drops

  • Full-spectrum content is 2.5% of the total content and has a THC content less than 0,2%
  • Ingredients: Organic full-spectrum hemp extract, Arabic gum, water
  • Contains all cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids
  • Made in Switzerland and cultivated according to Bio Suisse certified methods
  • Completely and persistently soluble in water
  • Increased bioavailability for the body
  • The recipe consists of 100% natural products
  • Without alcohol

Taste: Spicy, slightly bitter and suitable for addition to all beverages – especially delicious in bitter liquids such as herbal teas, lemonades, long drinks or coffee.

1 bottle contains approx. 175mg CBD

Shelf life 6 months after opening.



ALPINOLS Full Spectrum water-soluble CBD AQUA

The special feature is the patented micelle technology: This allows you to take the drops in any liquid. Due to the increased bioavailability, the CBD can take effect in the body after only a few minutes.

Application & Durability

The water-soluble CBD drops are easy to use. They dissolve in any liquid. As a perfect alternative for those who want to use their CBD versatile. At the beginning of the application, a light dosage of the drops is recommended. This is individual and depends on the person. Store at room temperature.

Which concentration is right for me?

Also suitable for beginners and easy to use!

ALPINOLS Aqua offers you besides very pure ingredients also a very natural taste. It dissolves completely in liquids.

Thus, it is especially suitable for people who do not like natural hemp taste. By drinking it, the CBD oil is up to 5x more effective. ALPINOLS Aqua is made for the daily routine, suitable for beginners, made with love in Switzerland.

Higher bioavailability of the water-soluble CBD drops

Faster absorption into the body

High bioavailability means faster absorption into the body. It defines the extent and speed with which an active ingredient enters the bloodstream. With conventional oils, this happens only to a limited extent. Our ALPINOLS Aqua is up to 5 times more effective than conventional CBD oil.

The water-soluble Full Spectrum CBD oil is based on a patented micelle technology. This means that the oily particles are covered with a fine coating. The coating combines with fat on the inside and with water on the outside. The ingenious side effect: protected in this way, the active ingredients reach the body easily and directly.

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