Hemporium CBD Muscle Pain Relief Balm

Hemporium CBD Muscle pain Relief Balm is a new balm that has been specially formulated by us using nanotechnology. It has been developed to bring relief to tired and sore muscles. Whether you have sore muscles from working out at the gym or stiff muscles from sitting down for long periods of time, this balm is the perfect product for you!

Research has shown that CBD muscle pain relief balms may help with aches and pains, improve mobility and reduce inflammation.

How to use:
Massage the muscle relief balm into sore areas and leave to soak into the skin. Can be applied 3-4 times a day.

Full Spectrum 96% CBD distillate, 4% Terpenes, Shea butter, white paraffin, coconut butter, hemp oil paste, aloe vera extract.

One of our regular customers from the Burnham Market area are using Hemporium CBD muscle pain relief balm for arthritis in her fingers on a daily basis – 3 times a day. She keeps coming back for it with 3 tubs in 100 days she’s found it’s worked wonders!

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