Why CBD? Our Mission

From the very beginning, Dom Day and George Kruis knew that they wanted to create products for people like them who love the active lifestyle they lead, and don’t want to sit on the sidelines waiting for life to come to them.

But didn’t want to be like all other CBD brands.

Confidence in the purity of products and understand what it’s like to be wary of CBD and the use of it in a professional setting. That’s why guys give all their clients direct access to the most recent third-party lab tests on the products. Dom and George value transparency and want you to be as confident as they are in the products they offer.

Fourfivecbd products contain natural, non-addictive, and made with premium ingredients. Thanks to this, many people have used it to aid their active lifestyles’. They have seen it as a way to escape the clutches of dormancy, the natural way. By creating a quality CBD range, Fourfive attempt to work towards a clean, transparent and reliable CBD industry in the UK and further afield.

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