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How to use CBD oil-5 Drinks or 2 Drops, with CBD chocolate bar

CBD – Which product to you choose?

What’s your favourite cuppa? How do you take your coffee? If you’re in a pub (all visitors to this website should be over 18) do you savour a pint of your favourite ale, or go for the subtle flavours of good whiskey? These are personal tastes and most of us take a while to discover our favourite beverages. Once settled, we’ll probably try plenty of others but come back to our favourite beverage. Over time tastes change. So the tea or coffee we drink now, may well be different to the one we liked ten years ago. Something similar happens with CBD, especially as we now have more choice than ever before.

How do people choose their CBD?

The way people choose to consume CDB varies tremendously. Some use CBD only occasionally, as a treat. Others use CBD more frequently. Especially if it’s taken to relieve symptoms of anxiety or pain. And the way it’s taken will be influenced by many factors. Generally, someone consuming CBD wants to know what they’re taking and at what potency. There’s no risk of a cannabis style trip with CBD, so consumers just want to take the amount which works for them – plus there the flavour and the extent to which CBD is absorbed into the blood stream. On its own, CBD has a bitter, earthy taste. Some people like this, but most go for a product with a flavour strong enough to mask the ‘raw’ experience.

What’s in a drop? What’s in a drink?

CBD oils come in various strengths and flavours. For example of 30ml bottle may be labelled as containing 1000mg of CBD, which would be a high potency. And for a relatively long time, oils were the principal method of consumption and they also have the advantage that oil dripped under the tongue enables the CBD to be absorbed efficiently into the blood stream. At the same time, many producers were struggling (some still do!) to develop really good flavours, so alternative methods – adding CBD to chocolate or coffee or tea – became popular.

Today it’s possible to buy CBD canned drinks of varying potencies, and the range of edibles (including the old favourites, gummies) now provides for most preferences. So it’s easy to get CBD oils of different strengths and flavours, and now many drinks are available in the same basis. The main difference is that with drinks and solid foods, CBD is absorbed less efficiently in the blood, so in practice many CBD enhanced drinks will have a only a modest impact – and this is perfect for someone who wants a low potency drink, or is using it addition to stronger CBD products such as oil.

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What about a cuppa CBD?

Hot CBD drinks – teas coffees and herbal ‘teas’ – are either teas and coffees with added CBD or, in the case of the herbal drinks, usually herbal infusions which include hemp. Hemp on its own will make a drink that is earthy and aromatic. It’s something of an acquired taste, reminiscent of the South American drink Mate (although that contains caffeine), but can be refreshing if not left to steep for too long. As a herbal, infusion hemp works well with other herbals, like mint, camomile and ginger, as well as chocolate and chai flavouring.

What’s in the CBD can?

A big advantage of CBD teas, coffees and ‘pure’ herbals is that you get what it says on the tin. In the case of the herbal mixtures, you get exactly that: a bag of herbs and hemp and hemp flowers. Along with this, of course is that fact potency is hard to determine, but as long as you’re not looking for a high dose, these drinks can deliver the gentle soothing that can help you simultaneously relax and stay focused. A can (or bottle) of some of the better brands of CBD drink can be equally refreshing, and some also come labelled with their particular strength. Many are also sugar free. However, while looking at the label, you’ll also note that many also contain flavour enhancers and other ingredients required to give the drink its shelf life.

Now, before worrying about this, just consider that it is still almost certainly going to be a lot healthier than most popular canned cola drinks or similar and these added ingredients will do no harm – it’s just that if your looking for the real thing it’s going to be hard to beat a herbal infusion.

What’s the verdict?

In the end, we come full circle. The way you consume your CBD depends on why you buy it. For easily measured amounts, it’s hard to beat a good quality CBD oil. For a relaxing breather, teas and herbal infusions can be just the ticket. And when you’ve found your favourite… just occasionally take a step sideways, and enjoy sampling something new.

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