Holland and Barret CBD-good or bad?!

There are several issues with the Holland and Barrett CBD product and there are many reviews about the product in the media and particularly online.

None of the reviews is ours and we cannot substantiate the content of them or of the reviewers. We have looked at many and here give you a flavour of the negatives which are not issues that we personally have experienced as we ourselves believe that buying CBD is a personal choice and one that should be exercised by all customers without undue pressure of any kind.

Holland and Barrett continues to lead the High Street in its ability to introduce CBD to the buying public and in our opinion provide an excellent service in this area and their products continue to educate people in the possibility of food supplements as an alternative to medication.

Holland and Barret-Vague and not informing well their custom!

One of the stand-out problems in the past has been that both the label and the website are very vague, and that doesn’t really make consumers feel to well informed.

For starters, it is called “CBD+” oil, suggesting that other cannabinoids are contained within the product – this is desirable, as it is thought that more cannabinoids can make the oil even healthier. However, the existence of other cannabinoids is not actually mentioned anywhere.

Holland and Barrett CBD products-To be continued…

Furthermore, the description of the oil has been quite confusing. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are two completely different things. Hemp seeds do not actually contain many cannabinoids at all, making them virtually worthless in terms of getting your CBD. The product description just said that the bottle contains “hemp oil”, but is this referring to hemp seeds or CBD? We can assume that they have simply suspended CBD within hempseed oil, but it would be nice if the description had been a little clearer.

Another point in terms of clarity was the strength seeing as many CBD products state the CBD level in terms of milligrams(mg), most consumers will be accustomed to seeing the milligrams listed somewhere. This has not been the case in the past, so if you want to know how many mg of CBD you were taking, you would have to work it out for yourself. While this is easily possible, it is a bit of a hassle.

Last but not least

The last problem is really only a problem depending on the individual. The Holland and Barrett CBD + Oil was being sold in 2.75% and 5% strengths. For beginners, this is great because newcomers to CBD should start out on a low dose and work their way up. This gives their body a chance to adjust as well as mitigating side effects.

However, for people looking for a bit more CBD, those oils are quite weak. Some CBD oils being sold in the UK are much higher strength and we believe that this issue may have been subsequently addressed with new products.

It must be said that reviews for Holland and Barrett CBD /Jacob Hooy CBD+ oil are very mixed, with some awarding it five stars for its marvellous effects and others giving it one star and lamenting how weak it is. As we always say…it is your choice and we always encourage you to exercise that choice when buying CBD.

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Is Holland Barrett CBD oil any good?
Trusted brand name
Easy availability both online and in-store from Holland and Barrett
Budget prices and 2 for 1 special offers available
Vagueness in labelling and description
No lab test reports available
Comparatively low levels of CBD, coupled with the low effectiveness and potency of this oil are issues we cannot ignore.
Unclear if Jacob Hooy CBD is full spectrum or isolate.
There are many better alternatives available that can match your needs and budget.
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