Harriet – The Arthritis Warrior

The best part of my job is I get to meet and interview a diverse variety of the population. In case you are wondering what that is; career progression, it’s called, at least for me. Today I talk with Harriet. She had emailed me and said she had an exciting story. 

She texted to say she wouldn’t be long. I Sat in a booth facing the doorway at the Pavilion coffee shop. It didn’t take long before she was standing over the table. I didn’t notice her because of her blouse. She had notified me she would be in a purple blouse, just if we miss each other. What I saw was pink. I tell her so, and she laughs heartily and rolls her eyes in frustration. “Are you colour blind?” she asked as she settled in.

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She proceeded to order lemonade in the spirit of fighting COVID-19. Do you know Lemon helps keep COVID-19 away? “She said.  Well, Lemon, I have heard but lemonade?” I see where you’re going with this, “She said. She sighed and sunk into her chair, waving her hand at me in dismissal as if stopping oncoming traffic.

So’, “she asked while sipping her lemonade, where do I start?”

Start from the part where you say you wanted to jump into a plane and disappear to Mesopotamia. Or have you been there? I ask, following the shocking look she gave me when I said Mesopotamia. No, have you? she asked back. Well, I haven’t. You said jump into a plane to wherever, and Mesopotamia could as well be wherever.

“Okay let me start by telling you about my Career and Plans.” She said. I love traveling. After graduate school, I immediately applied and got a job as a cabin crew with one Airline. I loved this job. Growing up, I wanted to make money, live in a penthouse, and travel the world. My plans had no children or marriage in them as that would derail my plans.

Turning point

God indeed has a sense of humor. Just when her career was skyrocketing, and she was making moves around the globe. She meets Ted. Love brewed, conquered, and disrupted everything. They dated as she flew the world, and they married. Her wedding shocked many as most of her friends knew she was and would not be a subscriber to the marriage school.

Villian in the shape of Arthritis!

Well. There is no superhero without a villain. For Harriet, her villain came in the form of Arthritis of the hand and Ted, for her no marriage plan. Just after the honeymoon and she was trying to balance career and marriage. Harriet was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the hand. She started battling with pain, then her hands became stiff, and at some point, she could not fold her hand into a fist. Months later, while still processing Arthriti’s pain and discomfort, she discovered she was pregnant. She felt like her life was the practical example of murphy’s law: Everything that could possibly go wrong was going so so wrong.

Arthritis makes the joints around the damaged tissues to swell and become red. With the pregnancy, she added 55 pounds, Five of those pounds on her nose, toes, and fingers. She tells me that she ran into a friend who told her she looked like a penguin and she was furious.

The joint pain that comes with Arthritis, loss of motion made her hands weak, and activities that were once obvious, like bathing, became difficult. Arthritis, coupled with pregnancy hormones, made life unbearable. The Arthritis pain was so much that she literally lived on laxatives. She had to quit her cabin crew job. She stayed home, watched TV, and ate. They say babies come with blessings, but it seems her baby skipped the meeting on blessings and just showed up. For her, real hell began after she delivered her baby.

First, her nipples cracked and were always painful. Nothing prepared her for such. On top of that, she has Arthritis. She can’t even latch the baby, who didn’t care that her nipples were painful. In keeping with murphy’s law, the baby cried endlessly. She was making her sleep less. She became irritable and weak.

One day, while the baby slept, she spread herself on the couch, feeling sad. She looked at what her life had become. A stay home mom and wife. The person who cleaned and breastfed and worried about what people will eat. Is this what her life will be like? She wondered. No penthouse, no traveling. At this point, she wanted God to end this joke, cure her of Arthritis so she could get into a plane and disappear.

The Silver lining

She felt she had hit rock bottom. With worsening Arthritis, the numbness and the pain became constant.  She tried several medications and remedies, but they only worked short-term. Before long, she was back to experiencing the pain.

Nothing helped until two years later, just after she found out she was expecting her second baby. Yes. She got another baby; that’s how far God had to stretch this humor. And we all know God never disappoints, even in comedy. Her father-in-law, who had been battling pain from a fractured hip, introduced her to Milagro’s CBD Products. He referred her to this shop in Hunstanton called The Hemporium.

Lucky for her, the damage caused by Arthritis to her joints was not severe. She was put on Four five CBD Oil 5%. After a month on it, her Arthritis Symptoms began to fade.

Harriet says she is among the few lucky who have been able to find a remedy that allows her to feel whole again and enables her to do amazing things. By amazing, she is not talking about traveling the world and living in a penthouse. By amazing things, she means being able to do those main activities that were once not Obvious thanks to Arthritis. Being able to open a jar, start a car, run and ride bikes with her kids, and better still, bath herself. To her, it’s not the traveling, and it’s not the fancy cabin crew career. It’s about the little things that matter.

As we end, I ask her what all this has taught her. “We humans assume all ideals and make plans, but God has different plans, crazy but better, ‘She said.

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