Golfer Greg – 71st Birthday!

Just as most sportspeople, Greg knew what he signed up for when he chose golf. Of all the sports in the world, why golf, you would wonder. Surprisingly, golf is one of the oldest and most enjoyed sport. Arnold Palmer talks of golf as simple yet complicated; it comes with a mix of satisfaction and frustration. In the same breath, it is rewarding and annoying. For golfers and golf lovers, it is without a doubt the greatest game humanity has ever invented.

To be a golfer is not a cheap hobby.

It is common for sportspeople to experience stress and anxiety due to their competitive nature, and Greg is no exception. To become a golfer, the pre-requisites are pretty simple. All you need is time, place, and willingness to play against yourself. It is a no-brainer that golfers come in all ages, colors, and shapes. Ranging from Toddlers to 99-year-olds, if there is one still interested in playing, that is. Apart from the low barrier to entry. The only other reason golf players play golf is that they have the money. Ever seen a poor golfer?  Golf is a rich man’s sport. The rich care about quality and legitimacy; they don’t care about excelling in stuff that doesn’t matter. Imagine a sport that appears on the front page of ESPN. And sponsored by brands like Rolex, Nike, Adidas, etc.. how more legit does it get?

Greg is exceptional golfer!

Enough of golf, now back to Greg. There are three golfers types;  the low-key, quiet, conservative golfer who always keeps the game’s traditions. They play golf because it is convenient and can play alone; hence you don’t have to coordinate with team members or drive far to play. There are professional golfers, and then there is Greg. With a very loud personality, you would smell the cockiness miles away from the 13th green. He gets to the golf course, and everyone has to notice him.

Because he is either tearing up the golf course with his cart antics such that as much as you would like to maintain your dignity in disapproval of these antics. Guaranteed you find yourself taking a video of him and his antics and, worse still, find it irresistible not to share on your social media handles. His confidence level is over the roof. He is those guys who, the instant the ball is off the club, is already bragging how good the shot is. Before he finishes bragging suddenly, the ball changes course and flies directly into a parked cart.

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We had to showcase good old Greg!

From his personality, you can tell that he plays golf for all the many reasons listed above except for professionalism. However, his consistency and zeal would easily qualify him for a professional. Greg is one of the most competitive guys you will ever meet, and it doesn’t help that in golf, he only competes himself and nature. Golf is considered challenging physically, mentally, and strategically. Competitive golf is played on a less than six-inch course, the space between your ears. 

Lets learn something a bit more about Gregs golfer skills?!

Watching Greg in and out of the golf course is like watching Obama and Trumps’ presidency; very different personalities. The golf fever had just caught up with me, and after working so hard in a corporate job, I felt I make enough money to afford me some fun, and that’s how I found myself in golf. Never mind that I am only a waggler and my excessive preparation never seems to bear any fruit because even after the seven or so practice swings, my actual swing still resembles a cat’s kick.

I loved Greg’s prowess and how confidently he carried himself in the golf course despite his antics. I decided to pick a small talk with him after his game as he climbed to his cart. After a few niceties of praising him for his great shots, which between you and me are not great, by the way, but the confidence and determination in him would take him to the PGA Tour, and that is what I admired in him.

As I approached him, he quickly asked if I needed a ride in his cart or waiting for my uber, a joke I played along with, and quickly told him no, I am acrophobic, so I prefer to walk. We laugh, and I tell him how I love his energy level, to which he is quick to tell me how he has not always been that way.

He will be turning 71 next month, and he has been playing golf since he was 58. Like most sportspeople, he was one very anxious and stressed person every time. It also didn’t help that he got arthritis; it explains why he limbs while walking and is always moving in his cart. But look at me now, he says with utmost confidence, you wouldn’t tell. So, what happened? I ask. Greg takes a long gaze as if looking for a lost ball, and he tells me of this day he was walking past this shop selling CBD products.

It was day when his life changed. He had severally passed by this shop, and every time he kept reading their mission statement, which read something like to provide access to and educate their products and showcase natural remedies at their best.  As a golfer, he had struggled with anxiety, and it was stressing him out, he says. You know how it is with sports? I nodded in agreement despite being barely two weeks old in sports, well, one of which I spent watching other players.

He says that day; a voice just boomed in him to walk into this store and ask if they have a natural remedy to anxiety, stress, and arthritis for a sportsman. The sales assistant Maria helped him to choose Four five CBD oil, 5%. When they told him of all the magic this product would do, he was reluctant to take it as he was sure it was just another marketing geek and would fail just as the many he had tried.  In his cocky tone, he emphasizes how he warned them that they would be in trouble if that product does not help him. It has been over years of using it, and they are yet to have issues. To learn more about these products, please check out this link.

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