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Best CBD products and dosage – just for you!

Deciding on just the right amount of CBD products?!

We’re often asked how much CBD is good for such and such an ailment. As well as which CBD products to take and how much. And the answer is usually the same – it depends. Like any story, it’s good to start at the beginning. Just like it took Goldilocks more than one attempt to find the porridge that was just right. Finding the best dosage of CBD may take a little time and (unlike Goldilocks) it’s best to be patient. As with any other substance we ingest, it’s always best to start off with small amounts. Then we can adjust our intake according to what suits us best. It is also essential that you consult your GP or medical specialist if you are about to take prescribed medication. Or, if you are already taking medication long term.

CBD has been associated with relief from the discomforts

CBD has been associated with relief from the discomforts of several types of cancer. But it is important to seek advice as there may be other factors to consider. It’s not unusual, for example, for someone taking post-cancer medication to be told to avoid grapefruit because the combination may cause unwelcome side effects. If that’s the case, you should also avoid CBD as it is likely to have a similar outcome. Never substitute CBD products for, or take them alongside, prescribed medication without medical advice.

How much CBD to take?

When considering how much CBD to take, a good example is someone who has been sleeping badly for a some time. They are looking for a natural aid to sleep, rather than prescribed medicines. The obvious choice is to start with low doses of CBD taken as part of the evening’s routine. A cup of hemp tea for example. We then adjust the strength according to taste and impact. If CBD is used for other reasons, such as reducing joint pain, it would make sense to swap the tea for solid edibles, such as ‘gummy’ sweets, chocolate, flapjacks or cakes. Again, this is building on normal routines,
gradually adjusting the quantities. Be careful with your favourite foodstuffs, though. It never did anyone any good to eat nothing but flapjacks!

The way you take your CBD

The way you take your CBD will also affect the dosage. Foods (teas, biscuits, sweets, pastas – any foods with added CBD) make it easy to consume, but foods will usually carry only a relatively modest amount and for high doses it may not be desirable to increase food consumption just to increase CBD! The same is the case for cosmetics, such as makeup or hand creams – they are ideal for low doses but will probably require impracticably large quantities to deliver significantly increased amounts of CBD. Teas, edibles and cosmetics are ideal for low background doses (CBD is a powerful antioxidant and therefore offers significant benefits to general health) or as part of higher dose regime spread across the day.

CBD Oils

One of the reasons CBD oils and tinctures are popular is that it is possible to control consumption accurately by the drop. Most good quality oils and tinctures will indicate the amount of CBD per ml or the percentage by volume, which can then be converted back to the amount received by drops. By volume, CBD concentrations per ml are likely to be higher in liquids than in solid foods, and a drop or two under the tongue is an easy and convenient way to take your chosen flavour.

The suitable amount of CBD to take will probably also be a product of subjective factors such as body weight. While, in theory, CBD should react only with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, in practice things like body mass will also be relevant because of the way that body tissues affect how easily CBD is absorbed, transported around the body and metabolised. As with most things in life, moderation is the key to happiness. Exact amounts will be specific to your personal circumstances, but with a little patient experimentation finding the ‘just right’ dosage is straightforward.

Hopefully, being more thoughtful than Goldilocks, you can avoid too many broken chairs or spoilt bowls of porridge along the way!

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