Burnham Market – Reasons to Visit!

Norfolk is a great location for a business to thrive. No matter what your business needs are. Be it you are looking for an exquisite place to eat out, go shopping, or just a family fun day. Today we specifically explore Burnham Market and some of the businesses that operate here.

Burnham Market

Located 105 miles north of London within King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District, Burnham Market is more of an all under one roof. Business in Burnham Market is impossible to beat. Whether you are looking to shop for everyday home essentials, to dine, or even in search of that perfect getaway, Burnham Market has you covered. Regardless of where you come from, your age, or gender, Burnham Market has something for everyone.

The lockdown might have made it impossible to enjoy the great shopping experiences like they used to be. However, except for the eateries, most Norfolk businesses have reopened after the lockdown, with many precautions taken in line with the Government requirements. Just make sure to observe the operating hours because there might be a few changes. Some stores will require you to book an appointment by calling in before visiting. When visiting Burnham Market, these are some of the businesses you will find operating here.

Staying in Burnham Market

Looking for accommodation in Burnham Market? Depending on your needs and preference, Burnham market has many hotels you might be spoilt for choice. Everything from luxury hotels, Bed & Breakfast, cottages, serviced apartments, and homestays.

Depending on your budget, taste, and preferences, there are various options for accommodation in Burnham Market. If you are a lover of nature, you will not miss a caravan campsite, and if all you want is to enjoy a luxury hotel stay as well, you are guaranteed a place.

In need of a classic, elegant hotel place for a perfect getaway? Visit The Hoste for a home away from home experience. Currently still under lockdown but will be reopening on 12th April. The Hoste Luxury Holiday cottage offers the most hospitable retreats. Equipped with a pub, a restaurant, hotel, spa, and a complementing serene environment on the North Norfolk coastline, It’s the perfect place to celebrate that birthday, anniversary, or wedding with your loved ones.

Business & Trade Services in Burnham Market

You will find local businesses in Burnham that supply essential services like grocery stores, supermarkets, fuel stations, and non-essential services such as real estate management, Eateries, Carpentry, and Landscaping.

Foras @55 The Townhouse is one such business.  Offering a classic range of quality products for your home. Ranging from homewares, fashion accessories to garden accessories. If you are looking for those unique, creative designs to furnish your property, Foras @ 55 is definitely the place to visit. You will be sure to find stone, porcelain ceramic tiles, and inspirational room designs for your property.

Fora’s main showroom is in Kings Lynn.  Tucked in the picturesque village of Burnham Market is Fora’s second showroom.  The Burnham Showroom is full of impact. Characterized with inspiring designs and a serene environment that depicts love for nature, it instantly gives an insight into who Foras is.

Apart from the exquisite high-quality product offerings, the Fora’s attribute their success to great customer service. The team at Fora’s is knowledgeable and always strives to ensure customer satisfaction.

Due to the recent regulations to curb the spread of Covid. Only their Kings Lynn showroom is open but by appointment only. The Burnham Market studio remains closed with the hope of reopening soon.

To get more information on the opening hours, visit Foras Surface design.

Health & Beauty

From Best Beauty, Diamond Life Holistic Centre, M shepherd Optometrist to Serenity Touch. Norfolk is home to several department stores stocking a variety of health and beauty products or services. The Hoste Beauty Spa offers their client luxurious treatments and an opportunity to purchase their spa products. Service is offered by a booked appointment where you first call to discuss your spa needs. Their services are packaged and priced to suit individual needs or budgets. You can choose Half or Full spa day treatments. For 80 Euros, you get to enjoy a hot tub & spa, facial or back Massage, polish application on either fingers or toes, lunch, and a glass of wine. The full spa treatment package offering a facial, full-body massage with either a full pedicure or manicure. Included in the package are the use of a hot tub, lunch, and a glass of wine for ultimate relaxation. Visit the website for more on the Hoste spa.

While at the Burnham market, you will not fail to notice the Hemporium shop. A one-stop-shop for CBD and Hemp products. It really does not matter if you are a resident or just visiting; the Hemporium shop is stocked with different natural health and beauty products. You can purchase their products online. Should you want to talk to someone and understand more about the product, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will always help you find the perfect product as per your requirements. You can also visit other Hemporium shops near you, depending on your location, to sample their magical range of CBD and Hemp products.

Shopping in village.

Shopping in Burnham Market is stress-free because you will get almost everything you need in this one-stop. Most outlets like supermarkets that offer essential goods and services required daily are open. Whether shopping for essentials or just a luxury treat such as Jewellery and clothing, Dalegate  Market in Burnham  Deepdale has you covered. Due to the lockdown, businesses offering non-essential services are still closed. However, supermarkets and fuel stations are open every day for essential provisions. Apart from the independent stores, Dalegate market houses clothing and accessories shop, One-stop Nature shop, The Hare and the Hen Gallery. The events in this market include the weekly popup shops, Christmas market, and Spring market, which are now unfortunately closed until the Covid Rules and measures are relaxed.

Indeed, whether you are a local or visiting, Burnham Market has something for you. Covid-19 has imposed restrictions on how we move around and interact with the world. This is not to say we should not have fun. As we wait on the full normalcy to be restored, we can do with what we have as long as we observe all the necessary measures. So whether you are looking for where to stay, things to do or where to shop. Make sure to check out Burnham  Market, Norfolk, to see what you can enjoy now and better still plan your next trip or belated celebration as soon as the lockdown is lifted. Whatever your needs are, Burnham has you sorted and looks forward to having you.

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