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How do I find out about CBD?

What is CBD? Over the last few years, there has been growing interest in CDB and the benefits of using ...
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Milagro CBD Oil 2%

CBD: how do I know what I’m buying and what should I buy?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you probably already know something about the benefits of hemp,CBD and medical marijuana ...
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Milagro Sativa oil

Hemp benefits, facts and MAINSTREAM: where does it all come from?

Hemp: where does it all come from? Hemp and CBD products are now in the mainstream. They are available on ...
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CBD Oils

Best CBD products and dosage just for you!

Deciding on just the right amount of CBD products?! We’re often asked how much CBD is good for such and ...
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Big Pharma CBD

Is Big Pharma the future of CBD?

Is Big Pharma the future of CBD?Nearly a year ago, in the online journal The Extract, a journalist by name ...
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How to use CBD oil-5 Drinks or 2 Drops, with CBD chocolate bar

What’s your favourite cuppa? How do you take your coffee? If you’re in a pub (all visitors to thiswebsite should ...
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