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We specialise in 3rd party tested CBD oil products in our shops.
Discover the building blocks to a healthier YOU through natural, pure and organic CBD and Hemp products
CBD and hemp products procured for their consistently high quality.
The Hemporium Shops - ready to lead you into a less anxious and healthier you
Once you have found a Hemporium CBD shop and our online shop it becomes the safest, easiest way forward and a guarantee of the best quality!

Our Passion

To Deliver all ordered CBD oil near me to you! Where ever you are! Easiest, safest and quickest time at the best price on the market!
Check us out you best CBD products in the UK most likely in our CBD Shop

Our Mission

To provide access to
and education about
our CBD and our
products; to showcase
natural remedies at
their best. The Hemporium Shops wants to make it
easier for you to live life
to the full – with us!

Our Passion

Our philosophy is based
on sharing knowledge
about CBD and always
remaining focused on
sourcing the highest
quality products. We
continuously monitor
research into CBD and
hemp-based products
so you don’t need to.


We are dedicated to
building a reliable bond
with our clients, and to
ensuring all products
meet the regulations
and requirements for
human and pet
consumption. The Hemporium Shops is your
trusted and reliable
wellness partner
towards a wholesome
and best life.

Our Source

Ranging from oils and
capsules, to balms, sprays
and everything in
between, our products
are diverse in how they
come, but unified in how
they are made. 🐣Once you found CBD oil near me. We will make sure that you have the best product ever possible to find in the UK market!

Our Range

The carefully curated
best CBD products in UK

Hemp products
in our range consist
Premium Oral Oils |
Massage ; Essential
Oils | CBD Edibles |
Hair; Beauty | Bath
and Body | Teas |
Confectionery |
Snacks | Pasta and
Flour | Cereals

The Hemporium Shops, Wells Next The Sea

Why Buy From The Hemporium Shops?

We proud stockists of great CBD brands and Products! We care about You and what you will buy from us! We guarantee you a Free delivery unless you choose fast and prompt one as an alternative option! Once you found CBD oil near me most like we are there and can be for you!
Personalised Customer Service if you ever need just Call us on 01328730715


Who Are We?

Looking for exceptional CBD and Hemp products? Welcome to The Hemporium Shops.

We’re the shop for you – we’re focused on providing unique and beneficial natural health products using Hemp and CBD. We stock a wide range of CBD
Oils, plus many other products including CBD edibles, CBD teas and CBD cosmetics. We also aim to provide the best customer service and a reliable platform so you can purchase easily and with confidence.

Welcome to The Hemporium! Your CBD experts!

The Hemporium Shops-presents you with best CBD products in UK

Have a look at all of the wonderful ranges that we have available in our CBD-The Hemporium Shops-easy way to have best CBD! 

Disclaimer: The Hemporium Shops products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You must not rely on the information on this website! As an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. The information on this website from The Hemporium Shops is not advice, and should not be treated as such.

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