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At this present moment if you living in Norfolk it may mean that you are also close to one of our CBD shops as I have one near to me? Buying online is all good and the ‘modern’ way but I like to talk to people about the product
and understand more about the ‘what and wherefores’ of my purchase especially something as important as CBD. So having The Hemporium Shop selling CBD products nearby has to be a massive plus and it appears many
others feel the same way based on the increased traffic that The Hemporium Shops are all experiencing.

Most Favourite CBD products. Right now

Mee CBD Water Soluble Bottle

Story of MEE

Team MEE are a collective of bio-science experts, farmers, product developers, creatives and, most importantly, friends. Between them, they have more than two decades of experience in the cannabis industry and more than 30 years of friendship! We have been developing Mee CBD for nearly 3 years now and they are ready with their new range just as the global pandemic hit. As a start-up operating entirely virtually, they have been distanced physically (from Canada to South Africa!) but not emotionally. MEE team have shared the highs and many lows of this challenging time - which is why it is now doubly rewarding to bring to market a product that supports daily wellbeing. Mee CBD has changed their lives, and hope in some ways it can do that for the daily lives of others.

hemporium CBD 10

HEMPORIUM CBD have something to say!

About Nano CBD?

Nano CBD Oil means CBD that is broken down into tiny particles. Cells in the body have trouble absorbing 100 per cent of standard CBD oil due to the larger size of the particles. HEMPORIUM CBD uses NANO technology which shrinks these particles making it 4x more bioavailable, meaning you get the maximum benefits from the nutrient. They manufacture all products ourselves in house, hand bottling to ensure quality.


What is CBD?

Ever wonder what is CBD?

There are many benefits of CBD oil with many being uncovered almost daily. We
at The Hemporium Shops always recommend so that you research your
ailment/issues online, buy only 3rd Party tested products and if you are still unsure –
talk to your GP. People use CBD oil and other CBD-based products for much
the different reason including reducing pain and inflammation, controlling anxiety which leads to depression as well as insomnia etc., and much many other health issues. Some people have and are using CBD oil to gain benefits for conditions that include Fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s, Cancer although long term research has not yet provided concrete evidence yet ... customers are reporting benefits. The Hemporium Shops are an excellent place to start when learning about the benefits of CBD oil as we have a large customer base that provides us with reviews. We will always provide impartial advice and never imply that any of our products are a cure and CBD oil is always sold as an organic food supplement never as a medication.


At the Hemporium Shops across Norfolk, we answer a lot of questions and also we are always updating these FAQ’s as often as possible.

CBD and pets

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Disclaimer: The Hemporium Shops products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You must not rely on the information on this website! As an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. The information on this website from The Hemporium Shops is not advice, and should not be treated as such.

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